Trusted Stucco Repair Experts in Northwest Florida

If you need to repair damaged stucco, turn to Green Energy Painting & Company’s stucco repair experts. Because of our years of experience in the industry, you can rest easy when you hire us.

We’d also be delighted to provide you with a free estimate for your stucco repairs, so get in touch with us today and let’s talk details!

The standard process for stucco repair

Green Energy Painting & Company’s stucco repair experts use time-tested methods that allow their stucco repair work, as well as work on other exterior finishes, to be completed quickly, safely, and with results of the highest quality. Our process includes:


  • SET UP: Floors and landscaping are covered.
  • PREPARATION: All deteriorated stucco is removed.
  • REPAIR: New tar paper and metal lath is installed. A stucco patching compound is applied and leveled to match the surrounding area.
  • TEXTURE: When the new patch has begun to set, but before it has dried completely, it will be textured to precisely match the surrounding area.
  • PAINTING: We are color professionals and will be able to match your existing color perfectly!
  • CLEANUP: All of our equipment, covers, and drop cloths will be removed, along with any stucco debris.
  • FINAL INSPECTION: After we have completed our careful inspection, we will invite you to view the finished project.

About stucco and stucco repairs

Stucco is an excellent exterior finish for beach homes and properties. It is durable, weather resistant, and great to design because it offers many texture and color options. Taking a slow drive through 30A’s Alys Beach, you can see many examples of wonderful beach properties that have stucco exteriors. However, similar to exterior finishes such as concrete, stucco is rigid and has the potential to develop cracks or holes over time. This can happen because a structure is settling or due to impact damage.

If cracks or holes appear in your stucco (you should inspect your property a couple of times a year if possible!), they will only increase. Moisture will be able to seep into the stucco, causing further deterioration. With the level of humidity and rain here on the Gulf Coast, significant damage can quickly occur. If you have stucco concerns, don’t wait to contact the stucco repair experts at Green Energy Painting & Company. We will fix the problem swiftly for you!

Other exterior-related services

In addition to stucco repair, Green Energy Painting & Company is able to work on a wide range of exterior finishes. We’re skilled exterior paint contractors and we can also handle wood repair and deck refinishing.

If you require assistance with exterior finishes, painting, or other projects, we’re ready and waiting to offer you a free quote for your job.